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With last night’s star studded BET Awards show, celebs hit Instagram to capture their before and after moments.

From playing some bball to celebrating ther winnings, Instagram was the place to show off what celebs had going on.

If you haven’t scanned the social media site yet, we suggest you do so, but just so you don’t miss out on all of last night’s highlights, GlobalGrind did it for you.

iamdiddy “This is what a Diddy parry looks like! Take Dat!”

iamdiddy “Me and my @stephenghill mastermind behind the MAZING BET awards that took place tonight. Thanks for the inspiration brother”

julia_beverly “the sun is coming up. Team Foxx vs Team Kells

julia_beverly “its about to go down.”

lala “Backstage at BET with my fam @jewey808!”

lala “We won…what were we suppose to do? #kevinpaidForThisShit #ThisBottleIsToHeavy #IfellTwiceDontTellNobody #TLAM2”

misstmari “#BET #allin @rayj handsome date..I’ll post the whole outfit later being that we missed the carpet #lateboots”

mistercap “Me sis and beebz. Ddudes buff now”

mistercap “Justin Beiber is a pure star. Im honord”

sirelijahblake “Last Year I watched from home. This Year I’m on the RedCarpet. #BETAwards #Thinkbig #Dreambigger”

sirelijahblake “Me and one of my biggest female influences @4everbrandy #betawards #afterparty”

sodraya “Gun smoke. Bang. #fineassgirls”

sodraya “Thanks @unclerush for stopping by our #fineassgirls ciroc brunch.”

willpowerpacker “They should never gave ya’ll a #BETAward @iamheartherih @kevinheart4real @garyowencomedy @iamterrencej @tstory88 Regina Hall and Happy BDay @lala!!! #WorkHardPlayHarder”

willpowerpacker “We were having dinner when we heard we won #ThinkLikeAMan #BETAWARD #MyBabeeStartedScreaminingInTheMiddleOfNobu #WayTooExcited #SheCelebratesMe #KEEPER”

kevinhart4real “Think like a man turn up lmao #WeWonBitch #Part2isGoing2BeBetter”