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Drake rapped Versace, Versace, Versace, and like a genie, POOF, it all appeared on the BET Awards red carpet. 

Last night, the West Coast was ablaze with some of the hottest acts in the music industry (and some of the hottest sun of the day) but weather is never a deciding factor when it comes to looking fly. So naturally, the attire of choice for the day would be a Versace sweater and not one, not two, but three acts opted for the same sweater at the same damn time. 

J. Cole, DJ Drama, and Brandon T. Jackson all wore the same black and gold Versace sweater to grace the red carpet with little to no variation in the styling. 

All 3 men paired the look with dark pants, a few gold chains and black shoes. Yikes! 

J. Cole’s response to the fashion disaster? A quick outfit change for his performance. 

Naturally, we have to ask you who wore the Versace black and gold sweater the best? Vote below. 

Photo Credit: GETTY Images