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Last night the BET Awards show was phenomenal!

 Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj opened the show with a flying cage and amazing dance performances.

Old man Charlie Wilson showed everyone why he deserved the Cadiallc Achievement Award by dishing out an unforgettable performance.

Miguel (thankfully) didn’t injure any of the audience members as he showed why he won Best Male R&B/Pop. The list great new talent goes on and on and on!

However, the awards show that has been doing it’s thing for the last twelve years, just did not seem the same as previous years.

There was a lot of recongition for artists that have been in the music industry for artists that have been peeking in the music industry for no more than five years (Nicki Minaj, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, etc.), but what about the ones who pathed their ways? Who set the standards, the height; the level that all of these artists want to be on? Where were they last night?

Jay, Beyonce, Rihanna, Drake all chose to stay home this year rather than attend the celebration. 

Even the ones who were nominated for awards stayed home!

It’s like the BET Awards don’t matter any more. 

There were several occurences when the announcers had that awakard moment, when they were standing with the awards in their hands, looking around for the winners to come and receieve their trophies. Sadly, a lot of the annoncers  had to accept the awards on their behalf because they were not present.

Now, of course some artists are a little tied up at the moment (Kayne West with baby North, Rihanna and her family grieving of the lost of “Dolly”, etc.), but c’mon! 

Drake-Best Collabration, Video of the Year, coke’s viewers choice award



Rihanna-Best Female 

Mary Mary-Best Gospel artist

LeBron James-Subway Sportsman of the yr

Kanye West

Lil wayne

Meek mill



Some of yall know you could’ve made an appearance!

A lot of the ones not present did send out explanations to the fans:







Thanks alot to #BET and the fans for Sportsmen of the Year award! Sorry I couldn’t be there but thanks again! #BETAWARDS


Drake, u needed time to concentrate on your album and be with your family, but you have enough time to go clubbing just days before?! You won three awards, in where one of them, the FANS voted for you! I think we needed more than just a tweet “thanks”.

LeBron, man, you just won a CHAMPIONSHIP! In which millions of us watched and (some) rooted for your victory! The least you could’ve done was make an apperance last night and thank everyone for their support (and their hatin’!).

Jay-Z and Queen B could’ve made an appearance for their loyal subjects! We don’t mind bowing for you!


We as viewers wait up all weekend; anticipating for the best of the best from these artists!

Everyone knows that when Minaj and Wayne perform, they tear it down!

I get hyped every time Beyonce performs any of her songs! It’s always a mind-blowing experience!

Usher and his sexual moves gets everyone wild up!

Jay-Z & Kayne…enough said!

Are the BET Awards just “too small of a crowd” for you? Are you too way up in your careers that these “little awards” don’t mean anything to you anymore? Or is it just that you have too many of them to even care if you win anymore?

Let us viewers, fans, supporters know. We will happily vote for a new comer or someone who hasn’t been in the game that long who will be humble for the experience.

The BET Awards show might be the only time when some of your fans will get to see you! Let’s just say the Grammy’s aren’t exactly my cup of tea.

But the others who we all get excited to see, give ur fans, ur supporters, that glory of seeing you! We are the #1 reason why you have sold out concerts, #1 downloaded songs, at the top of the charts. Don’t forget about us “little people”, because we can just take our love to another artist.

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