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Let’s face it. 

George Zimmerman’s murder trial, no matter how interesting and important, gives us more anxiety than watching a scary movie.

It’s intense. It’s emotional. It’s revealing. And, it has catapulted the nation and the media into full legal meltdown. 

So, we understand. It’s hard to keep up.

It’s been nearly a month since the trial first started, and though the first two weeks were full of pretrial publicity questioning for potential jurors, those first moments were just as intense as yesterday’s witness testimony.

So, to help you catch up this holiday weekend, GlobalGrind decided to put together anything and everything you need to know about the trial and the developments that have come forth.

We promise, it’s not painful to follow along.

Here are the 15 most crucial moments in the trial so far:

A Jury Is Chosen…

After two weeks of intense pretrial publicity questioning from attorneys, the six jurors and four alternates needed to proceed with the trial were chosen. In a surprise twist, it was revealed that Zimmerman’s fate will be decided by a jury of all women, most of whom are mothers. That jury was also comprised of one Hispanic and five White women. 

The alternates, two men and two women, are also sequestered with the jury, which means they will eat and sleep in the same area until the trial is completed. The jurors also have limited access to the outside world, as not to be influenced by media or family.

The decision came after some interesting revelations from potential jurors. One told the court that Trayvon Martin would still be alive had he not been “expelled” and another told the court that it would be difficult to change her mind about the 17-year-old, calling him a troublemaker who was practicing “street-fighting.”

John Guy Opens Up Trial With Emotional Statement:

Prosecuting attorney John Guy didn’t hold back during opening statements last week. His opening line, taken from the 911 audio where Zimmerman called police to report a suspicious person, shook the jury, as well as the nation, and set in motion the emotionally taxing days that would follow.

“Fucking punks, these assholes always get away,” West says, repeating the words George Zimmerman said right before he shot Trayvon Benjamin Martin.

The Knock-Knock Joke Heard Around The World…

I wish we could say this was a joke, but it’s not. No pun intended. But during opening statements last week, defense attorney Don West decided to lighten the heavy mood with a little comedy. Or, what he thought was comedy. Check out his knock-knock mistake above.

Oh. He also offered a sort of apology, but defended his stint at standup with this statement:

“No more bad jokes I promise. I really think it was the delivery, I think the joke was funny.” 

Um. No.

Rachel Jeantel Turns The Trial Upside Down…

Billed as the prosecution’s star witness, Rachel Jeantel intrigued everyone who was watching the trial. She is the last person Trayvon Martin spoke with before he was murdered by Zimmerman and she gave the jury an animated, but disheartening account of what occurred while she was on the phone with him. From her account of hearing Zimmerman approach Trayvon, to Trayvon’s now infamous words, “creepy ass cracker.” She admitted to the court that she lied about attending Trayvon’s funeral under oath, but she told the court that she did it to protect Sybrina Fulton. 

To see the best moments from her testimony, click here.

And for commentary about the brutal media scrutiny she endured while on stand, read “Why White People Don’t Understand Rachel Jeantel,” and “Why Black People Understand Rachel Jeantel.”

Photos Of Trayvon’s Body Are Shown In Court:

While GlobalGrind declines to show the last photographs taken of Trayvon Martin, they were still broadcasted around the world for everyone to see. In the most jarring and emotional moment in court so far, prosecutors showed photographs of Trayvon’s wounds and his body, positioned with his arms beneath him, after he was shot. During these moments, his parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, would often look down…or leave the courtroom altogether.

And while it may seem insensitive, the photos are in court to disprove Zimmerman’s account of what actually happened that night. 

Sanford PD Sgt. Anthony Raimondo tries to save Trayvon’s life…

Sgt. Raimondo gave a chilling account of how he tried to save Trayvon’s life through CPR. He heard a “bubbling sound” which was air escaping or entering Trayvon’s chest in a “manner that it was not supposed to.”

After telling the court that he checked Trayvon’s pulse, he gave a play-by-play of just how hard he tried. “I breathed for Mr. Martin… I tried to sir.” To read the rest of his testimony, click here.

Witness Says She Saw George Zimmerman On Top Of Trayvon…

The who-did-what portion of the trial started last week and testimony from Jeannee Nanalo, a resident of The Retreat At Twin Lakes, revealed that “the bigger person” was on top during the fight. After seeing the two men on the news, she could tell it was George Zimmerman on top.

John Good Says Trayvon Was On Top Of Zimmerman…

John Good, a resident of The Retreat At Twin Lakes, testified that Trayvon Martin was on top of George Zimmerman, punching him MMA style, though he is the only witness to claim it was Trayvon on top. He described what he saw to the jury, saying that a black male with dark clothing was punching or swinging down on the lighter man in red or light clothes. 

Chris Serino, Assholes and Ill-Will…

No testimony was more revealing than that of Chris Serino, who is the lead investigator in the shooting of Trayvon Martin. During questioning, we were able to listen to the various interviews between Serino, another investigator Doris Singleton, and Zimmerman that gave jurors insight into Zimmerman’s accounts…and inconsistencies.

During a conversation about Zimmerman’s use of the word assholes, Serino admitted to the defense that it didn’t represent ill will and spite. But then, he changed his mind.

“It is ill will and spite.”

Could this mean the second-degree murder charge will stick? Only time will tell…

To check out the interviews and reenactments, click here.

Dr. Rao Says Zimmerman’s Injuries Were Insignificant and Minor…

Valerie Rao, a medical examiner who did not perform Trayvon’s autopsy but did consult on this case, was called to the stand this week. Her testimony revealed that Zimmerman’s injuries were not consistent to the amount of times he said he had been hit.

And…when asked about a bruise on his head, she and O’Mara got into an intense debate about whether it was a natural lump on his “funny shaped head,” or indeed an injury from his scuffle.

Rao, in all her medical knowledge glory, went with the naturally lumpy head. To read the rest of her analysis, click here.

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