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I know its seems like a false notion or nicely written fairytale… but the truth is… greatness takes time….and now folks,  that time is now. Dirty Money has released our official single ‘Lovin you No More ‘ ft. Drake and honestly its hot. Now i know your thinking, ‘She’s bias, its her own record’, but truthfully this song is refreshing and needed in a time of maintsteam programming.

I mean honestly, what happened to songs you could do  ‘the groove’ or the ‘two step’ to. They seem almost extinct now in this new ‘dance pop’ and heavy synth’ world.


Now before you think im passing judgement on pop culture, please understand i love where music has taken us, I’m simply saying, when you hear the sounds of soul, of raw emotion, of that heavy drum beat pounding in your heart…..

don’t be afraid… its just the sounds of a train…. a train that you have been waiting on…

And its going to make you dance a little differently than you are used to……..feel a little more than you want to……..don’t be alarmed… just take a deep breath, open your mind, and step on board…

Dirty Money heads to Glasgow this week with MTV to crash the UK scene. We will be performing live the songs you’ve heard and the ones you haven’t.

So for those who thought the day or train wouldn’t come …. keep your eyes and ears open to what’s coming.


Three and a half years of hard work to make sure that what brought to was art of substance… not some two-piece chicken meal….. but a full course fried chitlin’ with mash potatoes and macaroni cheese and sweet potato pie meal.. so as you gear up for this fall and winter remember that a train is coming… you need to get your ticket early…

Head over to Itunes now and get the new single ‘Loving you No More’ ft Drake now ….. A train is coming… Get on or Get off 

-Dawn Richard|Follow Me@DawnRichard

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