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I attended a dinner party hosted by a friend and as I sat in this room of beautiful, educated, independent women all different shades from all walks of life it dawned on me, they were all single. It took a moment but after I stopped smiling and gained my composure I began to ponder how was it such a diverse group of women were all single and even further ‘where were all the good men’ because I was being entertained while also having dinner prepared for me by the ‘good women’.

In a country where institutes of higher learning are graduating almost two times the amount of women as men and our most popular cities have female:male ratios as lopsided as 20:1, it seems the financial stability card men once flaunted has lost its power yet the fact that we are ‘men’ makes us just as much a hot commodity as ever.


As unfair as it may seem, men undoubtedly have the upper hand in this dating game holding the wild card that leads marital bliss or lonely nights yet its not based on character either rather genetics.

So in a society that grants men power as if we’re endangered species where is the motivation to be ‘good’ when simply being a ‘man’ guarantees you a spot in the game ?! Statistically we’re spoiled and if you throw in variables such as gay and married men the dating world begins to look like a playground.

As easy as it is to follow the herd of selfish men some of us get to the fork in the road and go straight, no matter what the statistics may say there is still a good man out there for every good woman.

So next time you come across a man that catches your eye whether he studders his greeting or has it as smooth as a mirror rehearsed monologue give him a minute of your time because he’s actually making an effort in a world full of pompous men.


I’ll leave you with this, ‘For every great man there is a group of insecure men that will study his ways not in an attempt to become better men but to deceive the masses and get what is not deserved by them’ – The Real Hitch

Until Next Week … Live. Laugh. Love. Life.

Darryl Dunning II

Twitter: @DarrylDunningII



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