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Tiger Woods and ‘mistress’ Rachel Uchitel



Yes! The dreaded double standard has been around forever or as long as we all can remember. Females have always been taught to be lady like and dainty, while males are supposed to rugged and manly. But regardless of what we all have been taught society’s double standard really ‘grinds my gears’ (Peter Griffin voice) Lol! 

Let’s be real, I love a good looking dude as much as the next girl but if he is the type to ‘get around’ that’s a big ‘No Bueno’ for me. It’s a turn-off for me for a man to go around sleeping with anything that walks. But according to what we’re told by media and everything around us its acceptable behavior for a man to behave this way.

Now say we set up this same situation but we replace this dude wit a female, would we still be on the same page? No! Unfortunately even it was 3 or 4 people she would more than likely be called out for ‘getting around’ or ‘smashing the homie’. I find this a sad case because whether male or female if you get around you get around, Point blank… Period. 

But lately it seems like society and media have been calling out ‘serial cheaters’ and men who have be getting around behind their wives backs. This can be seen in cases like Tiger Woods and Jesse James. 


Tiger Woods US Weekly cover



Jesse James and ‘mistress’ Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee


In spite of the new bashing of male celebrities for their cheating ways, it shows that maybe we’re moving forward in a better direction that it’s not only the woman that gets a bad name. Despite what society says I think both male and females must be accountable for anything they choose to do. Being a ‘jump off’ or someone who gets around is not something to be proud of. Just hope some people will do better.
-Shay Bae