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If you ever bought groceries you have probably seen reports by the supermarket tabloids that Angelina and Brad Pitt are breaking up. Finally the rumors hit the internet and now some people think it’s legit. Well according to numerous reports today the couple is still together and still going strong. 

Multiple friends of Brangelina have contacted TMZ to say the couple is not breaking up. One even called the break up claims. ‘B.S.’ posted on the rumored break up saying: 

[Anna Kowalski is an ex-employee of the Waldorf-Astoria in NYC, and worked as a housekeeper for the couple during their visits to the hotel over the past four years. She claims that one morning, after Angie had a late-night meeting with a dialect coach for Salt, ‘the room was a disaster.’

She goes on: ‘There were empty vodka bottles everywhere. The bed was covered with black rubber sheets and there were sex toys on it.’ Yikes! Not so subtle. Could this have lead to the Brad breakup?

Remember, Angelina recently told German mag Das Neue that fidelity isn’t ‘essential for a relationship.’ I guess to her, cheating isn’t the worst thing.]

Meanwhile RadarOnline brought up a few good points by stating Brad and Angelina never comment on their personal life and no one from their camp has either confirmed or denied the break up or none break up. Beside the last time we saw the couple together they seemed happy and in love. 

I think we should just sit back and wait and see what happens with the couple. They seem to have an open relationship and they have tons of kids and a very unique outlook on life and the world in general. I wish them the best and hope they can work things out. 

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