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Jersey Shore’s J-Woww has naked pics for sale and to think I had my money on Snooki to be the first Jersey Shore cast member to have naked pictures hit the internet. Radaronline reports:

‘There are at least three photos of J-Woww, has confirmed. In one photo, she is facing the camera, topless. It’s shot from the waist up and will certainly not disappoint her male fans.’

With that said I would like to take this time to ask the men of the world to please stop violating the privacy of women who send you naked pictures. These J-Woww naked pictures let me know one thing though, that Rihanna doesn’t feel sorry for J-Woww’s ex man. I wonder if she would send her guy naked pictures again. I guess we will have to wait and see. Until then enjoy these sexy pics of J-Woww

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