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We here at the Global Grind offices are obsessed with music.

We listen to it, talk about it, blog to it, argue about it. Everything here revolves around either the latest track to hit the Internet or the classics we can’t stop listening to on our iTunes.So when Eminem dropped his ‘Despicable’ freestyle yesterday, please believe we here at GG were all over it, dissecting and analyzing it like archeologists who just made a startling discovery of new fossils.

Listen to Eminem’s 2:15 tour-de-force over Drake’s ‘Over’ and Lloyd Banks’ ‘Beamer, Benz, and Bentley’, check out the Global Grind fam’s favorite lines, then contribute your own in the comments.


Jojo Simmons
Hottest Line:
When I die, so does hip-hop
Breakdown: This is very true. Without Eminem, hip-hop wouldn’t be the same and there would probably never be another white rapper like him. We would have to rely on Bubba Sparxx.

Jozen Cummings
Hottest Line
: ‘Fuck that/I’d rather turn this club into a ball room brawl/get rowdy like Roethlisberger in a bathroom stall’
Breakdown: Any MC can make a reference to Michael Vick and dog fighting. But using Roethlisberger in a rhyme, then tying it into a current even that broke only a couple of weeks ago, is what separates Em from his peers. 

Melanie Castell
Hottest Line: It’ll never be my chair that you own / crown so tight that it cuts all circulation no air to the brain/no oxygen /other words it’s no heir to the throne
Breakdown: I love this line because Em is just stating loud and clear that no matter who comes in the game or how long of a hiatus he has, he will always be the king.

Tyrone Palmer
Hottest  Line: Keep bloggin’ while I mind boggle and I zone like I’m in the twilight, dog/Get off my bone/this is my mic talk on it/I like hoggin’ it.
Breakdown: The delivery is just crazy, then you have the puns and wordplay. I’m not the biggest Eminem fan but this is why you can’t deny how great he is.

Rachel Samara 
Hottest Line: Tryna give me the fingers kinda like giving a spider the web/I’m just gonna spin it and try to use it to my advantage/I catch a fly in that bitch…
Breakdown: For me, good lyrics are all about analogies. Eminem is saying how good his skills are in a line that shows those skills and whatever people say to him he dishes it back way harder. That’s what makes him so good.

Anthony Reynolds
Hottest Line: I c