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‘Playing the Race Card . . . ‘ 

This is a term that refers to black people complaining that they have had negative experiences in life specifically because of their race. 

If black person is not hired for an employment position, given a raise or given a  promotion as opposed to a white person who is less educated, less experienced, and offers less . . . and the complaint is this occured because they are black . . . the race card is being played.

When a black politician is spit on and verbally abused by a group of Tea Party members and he/she claims it is because they were black . . . they are ‘playing the race card.’

If someone is mistreated by a law enforcement officer and feels the mistreatment is due to the color of their skin . . . they are ‘playing the race card.’

If someone points out that America’s majority and media are being unfair to President Obama and his family with their one-sided media coverage, polls, etc. We are ‘playing the race card.’

Well . . it looks like we have been bamboozled again.  They have taken this phrase and used it against us in more ways than one . . . .

First, it excuses negative treatment of a people because of the color of their skin as extreme sensitivity to racist and discriminatory experiences of the past.  The recent election of President Obama has opened the door for racism to rear it’s ugly head.  Many employers who are Republican and/or do not believe that a black man should be president, will not hire a black person.  So, who is playing the race card?

There are people who will attempt to mask their own criminal activity and heinous acts by placing the blame on a black person.  They know that this takes the suspicion completely off of them and easily believed by most law enforcement officials.  So, who is playing the race card?

Here’s a good one . . . despite the fact that the current state of America’s economy, education systems, war, health plans, etc. have been falling apart for a long time . . . when they say that it is because of the steps President Obama has taken to make things better  . . .when they form ‘Tea Bag Parties’ and rallies to oppose President Obama’s policies  . . . and black people use an open and public forum to oppose these actions . . . we are playing the race card!  But when you think about it . . . Who is really playing the race card?

The next time you hear the term . . . ‘playing the race card’ . . . ask yourself . . .Who is really playing the race card . . because after looking at the term and the incidents surrounding the term . . . the term looks like a case of ‘reverse psychology’!

In the words of the great Arsenio Hall . . . ‘Things that make you say  . . . hmmmmmmm!’