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<p>&ldquo;Best of mixer&rdquo; 2010-01-03 By Mrs. R. B. Warrilow I bought the same mixer 4 years ago, the old one was broke therefore I bought the same one from amazon , it worked wonder like my old one. I recomend to peopel who want a simple baking and quick baking</p><p>&ldquo;Nice looking&rdquo; 2009-04-05 By Mr Ledger (Bristol, UK) My girlfreind does like to cook &ndash; alot! She likes this mixer and found it very easy to use. Yes it does seem a little noisy and reminded me of my electric drill. However, it is solid and feels good to hold. The blue LED is clear and easy to view. The black finish is smooth and stylish. The componants fit in fairly easily and pop out after pressing the detatch button &ndash; much more effective than my electric drill bits! I bought this at the full &pound;39.99 here on amazon and I am pleased with the purchase.</p><p>&ldquo;Russell Hobbs Hand Mixer&rdquo; 2009-02-23 By I. S. Ltd This looks good, does the job, not to heavy to use. Just the thing for your kitchen.</p>