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I’ve figured out who the gay rapper is and I don’t need tourette’s syndrome to tell you (sorry Wendy Williams). You may be surprised to know that he’s not only one
person, its several people. Some of them you know very well because of their limelight status and some you may not know because of their down low lifestyle.

Since inception, Hip-Hop music music has served as an open platform for anyone (black,white,male,female,christian,jewish) to voice their inner self through its eccentric form of poetry. The emcee, cleverly tells a story, while using phenominal word play over a break beat. One could best describe it as an open journal to the public.

With a forum like this, you’d probably ask why would these same emcees hide their sexual preference? The emcee has been known to discuss poverty, wealth, health, politics and even todays social issues. The emcees verbal power has been known to help make change to today’s society. You’d figure anyone would use this power to uplift their community, rather than disguise yourself amongst others right??

Wrong! For some odd rason. This ‘secret socitey’ has chosen to remain un-named and leave its community with yet another silent defeat of prejudices today.

Anyway, I give kudos to anyone who is openly proud of their culture. Whether its gay, straight or whatever. Maybe we should just pass a mic to Ellen Degeneress and

Lindsay Lohan. Might sound fresh!

Anyway without further delay, the gay rappers are….REGULAR PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND ME.

And, I’m straight!

Rasheed Young



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