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We all know that the Kardashian clan is notorious for publicizing their personal life for profit.  Despite this, there is one Kardashian in particular that thrives off it the most: Kim.  Now true, she took her 15 minutes of fame and turned it into a brand and Montana Fishburne is trying following the same blue print. Prior to last season Kim was the sister that had it all: the beauty, the brains, the money, they style and of course, her sexy arm candy–Regge Bush.  As of the last season of Keepin up with the Kardashians the tables have slowly turned and allowed the other two sisters to come out of Kimmy’s shadow.

Khloe has found love and a husband, while Kourtney has a beautiful son and a douche bag boyfriend that loves her so *side eye*.  Anywho, the show is no longer Kimmy and family, but Kim, Kourtney and Khloe.  Now I know everyone saw when Kim’s attention whoring reached its peak after the Saint’s won the superbowl.  The moment Reggie had dreamed of his entire life was side swiped by Kim strutting onto the field with her 4 inch Louboutins and perfect makeup (looking uber-fabulous when she should have had her face painted while wearing her mans jersey if you ask me) grabbed a microphone and conducted an interview about how SHE felt about winning the Superbowl. WTH?!  It was then I knew I watched the death of their oh-so-public relationship and soon after, Reggie dropped her like a bad habit.  It was obvious Kim loved the attention more than he ever did, so it may have ended anyway.

Now that Kim is childess, manless and not as important, what’s a girl to do?  Im not sure since her soul was purchased quite a few years ago…..Khloe, Kourtney! You better get your sister before she sells her ovaries on ebay.  Fame and fortune may be the American dream for some, but not at the sacrifice of your morals, values and sanity.  Kim, there is plenty of money to be made behind the scenes. Get your man back,  and a teaspoon of privacy may go a long way for you. 

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