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In the wake of the Montana Fishburne scandal, only one question seems to resonate with me. Who’s next? We’ve seen this happen time and time again over the past few years with our young Hollywood starlets going from complete obscurity and living their lives as **enter celebrity’s name here** kid to the Kim Kardashian’s and Paris Hilton’s we love to read about. So as Montana’s hype starts to die down… who’s next to take her place? Recently a few pictures of Bobbi Kristina and her mom Whitney Houston surfaced from Whitney’s birthday beach outing and Bobbi stole the show. She is no longer the chubby awkward child we loved to poke fun at. Bobbi has blossomed into an attractive young lady and as she continues to get older will she be able to stay away from the horny rappers, tabloids, and porno market?? It seems as though the only way for these young women to escape from their parents super star shadow it to sex it up and cause a stir. My advice to the young Bobbi and any other young girl fighting to find their own identity is simple: Don’t drink the koolaid! Be your own person… One Kat Stacks in this world is enough.