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Hey Hey Hey‚

Hello everyone and welcome to ‘Free’s Blog’ on Global! Hopefully wherever you are, you are doing something you love and GRINDING! I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you about entertainment, news, hot topics and social issues. If I’m somewhere and it’s poppin‚ I’ll blog about it.  

Do you have a topic you want me to blog about? Let me know, share your suggestions with me in the comments section. Check back for new blogs ya’ll and until then,  check me out daily with The Ed Lover Show on Power 105.1 in New York! And yep, you can listen to us online at  If you have an iPhone you can listen from anywhere by downloading the Apple application ‘I Heart Radio’. May the Force be with you!   

With love, Free 

Oh – and to kick things off I’m sharing a poem that I wrote a while ago, its called ‚’This Year’ and it’s sort of  a pledge. 


THIS YEAR I will remember that I choose and that I am chosen so I am exactly where I want and need to be at all times. THIS YEAR anything worth measuring at all by me will be measured as half full. THIS YEAR the well being of my future will drive my every move. THIS YEAR I come first, not selfishly but because I must come first in order to survive so that I can to do the work I am here to do. THIS YEAR I will take the time to appreciate and reflect on the past and maybe even dream of the future. But my main focus is on this moment, this year. THIS YEAR I will remember all the time and effort that others put in to me to make me who I am. And I will find the patience and the time to put effort into others who are striving for greatness.  THIS YEAR is the beginning of something new and how I perform at this moment will set the stage for all my new beginnings THIS YEAR I will open up space in my life and heart for new and great things and people, at the same time I will limit the space I give to negative and potentially dangerous actions and acquaintances. THIS YEAR I will remember to feed my creative and spiritual needs more than I feed my ego, my greed and my stomach THIS YEAR I will use my gifts of humor and compassion to react in every situation‚ no matter how tough the situation is. THIS YEAR I will handle problems‚ with an indifferent attitude‚ instead of ignorance and anger because if it were anything positive I would care about the outcome and it wouldn’t be a problem it would be a ‚ welcome issue. THIS YEAR I start again and I am so thankful and humbled…you’ll see. THIS YEAR.