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<p>In the video above, you can see a backstage view of <strong>Young Money</strong> performing at MTV&rsquo;s Spring Break 2010. They perform their songs: &ldquo;<em>Roger That</em>&ldquo;, &ldquo;<em>Bed Rock</em>&ldquo;, &ldquo;<em>Finale</em>&ldquo;, &ldquo;<em>Girl I Got You</em>&ldquo;, and you can also see Short Dawg in their hotel speaking Spanish.</p><p>Shouts to Bigman on the camera</p><p><strong>Previously:</strong> <a title="Drake &amp; Nicki Minaj Perform At MTV Spring Break 2010" href="">Videos: Drake &amp; Nicki Minaj Perform At MTV&rsquo;s Spring Break 2010</a></p>