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Ok, so my esteemed colleague @ImGlobalNow thinks that The President of The United States, Barack Obama, should pardon Lil Wayne. Wow my dude, I understand that you are a fan of Lil Wayne’s work, as am I, but when a law has been broken consequences have to be paid. Laws are placed in society to maintain order. Sorry, but on the night of Lil Wayne’s arrest there was a law broken and the police had to step in. I know he has given you great music to listen to but, C’mon Son!

So you think he should be pardoned “just because he had a gun, doesn’t mean he’s a threat to society.” If I remember, didn’t a 14 year old Wayne shoot himself with a .44 caliber hand gun? So Lil Wayne is not only a threat to society, but a threat to himself, not to mention the constant marijuana and alcoholic abuse. Brother would you trust a boozed up Lil Wayne with a gun? Not me. Second it’s commendable that he gives back to the community, but that doesn’t deserve a pardon from the Prez. In fact you debunk your whole argument by admitting “although he did break the law having the gun he could have possibly hurt someone with it”. You also mention that he has donated incredible amounts of money to numerous benefits i.e. Hurricane Katrina relief and New Orleans itself, again very commendable, but a pardon from the Prez? No. Thirdly you say that Barack Obama knows Wayne is a good person, “Weezy’s a good person, even Barack Obama knows it” how do you know that? I don’t think Barack Obama and Lil Wayne have ever been in the same room together, let alone hung around with him long enough for him to get to know Wayne. Finally, my friend, I don’t think you fully understood Barack Obama’s comments on Lil Wayne; sure he gave him a shout out, “he said kids can’t all aspire to be like Lil Wayne”.

Again, listen to what the President said; his address to children was to NOT aspire to be Lil Wayne. I don’t think Lil Wayne himself would tell c