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The right is on fire, Rush  “The Penguin” Limbaugh and Glenn “The Joker” Beck reacted to the Congress passing the health care bill. The new word on the right is “Repea.l” Jim Demint, Michelle Bachman and John McCain all plan to repeal the health care reform. Did we expect anything different from the G.O.P.?

‘We need to defeat these bastards,’ said Rush Limbaugh. ‘We need to wipe them out. Defeat the Democrats, every one of them that voted for this bill.’ The bill means ‘leftist radicals will now be making your health care decisions, instead of your doctor,’ warned Limbaugh. ‘America is hanging by a thread.’

See words like this incite violence, speech like this is not good for progress, baby killer, you lie, ni**er and fa**ot aren’t words that make people want to change for the better they just add fuel to the fire that is already ablaze. I would like to see Rush and Beck tell their fans and followers alike to stop the violence.  These guys reach millions of people a day.  Beck and Rush are using words like battle, war, good and evil, these are words that don’t work well with people already upset.  Hopefully they can change their speech but I’m betting they won’t.

Check out Rush, McCain, Bachman and Beck letting their feelings be heard toward President Obama and the Dems.  The battling cries have been spoken!


Sen. John McCain is ready to Repeal


Michele Bachmann speaking to supports after bill was passed


Glenn Beck being Glenn Beck

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