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Okay ladies, so you meet this guy, and you kinda know this one is a keeper, but fast forward to later, and now you know that he is probably not forever, but he’s a wonderful right now!! Wait! Don’t misunderstand, I don’t mean like he is not worthy of a possible forever. Its more like he appears over and over with the same missing puzzle pieces for what you NEED for your “forever thang”. So, last Monday’s show was awesome (of course), and I’m grateful I was able to be there for my sweety pie Joumana, but she was kind of my date. Clearly we did have a BALL, but right now I just wanted to give you guys a small glimpse into a situation not currently being televised. I heard a comedian once say that there is always a definitive reason why you are no longer with your ex, so take heed. It was funnier with his setup, but the point is well taken. Its like we see the potential in this person, or they look amazing on paper, but there is always some aspect of being in a relationship with this person that is a constant thorn in your side. I guess what I mean to say is that doing the same thing expecting different results is a sickness we have ALL fallen prey to a time or two.

Maybe its just me, but after talking to an ex-manfriend recently on and off the entire day, it occurred to me that I have quite a few guys that used to be “my guy”, are still good friends, (but keepin’ it completely onehunnit), and are still kinda in the running in my mind. Does that make sense?? Its like we are no longer a couple, but I still entertain the thought that we could be because the connection used to be so intense and valuable…or so I think. So I guess the question I ask myself repeatedly and I that I want to pose to you guys now is, why is it that when its over, its over, until you get Facebooked by them after a while or a mutual friend says they said hi!??!! Now, because your’e headed down memory lane and the thought of him giving it to you like he used to, or being willing to go out for Thai, when your current boo wont, caution is thrown to the wind! What is that about???

We’re often seduced by what we think we know, as opposed to what has already been proven. Logic no longer prevails, and all you can think about is how that “thing” that he used to do means more than all those things he did NOT do. Im convinced this must be a female trait. Whatever the reason, we women believe, subconsciously or otherwise, that changing this guy’s mindset, or shifting his inner paradigm is your responsibility and once you’re successful in making him who you need him to be- you have found/created your purrrrfect mate! SMH! What is it about being emotional creatures that prevents us from accepting what has been proven time and time again??? We really convince ourselves that time has passed; the other women didn’t know how to “handle” him, and revisiting this relationship is a solid move because you know how to make it work this time around??? If aint shit changed, and by that I mean changed for the better for either of you, then why the H-E- double hockey sticks are you wasting everybody’s time and energy? Even more importantly, b y spending wasted time and energy on this one, we are ill-prepared to receive the designated boo that GOD