The Daily Grind Video

Hey everyone.. I’m gonna go off the beaten path a bit because the kind people at Global Grind asked me to blog about my experience in Cleveland this weekend..

First off… Hanging with Dmc was magical.. He’s a gentlemen in the true sense.. Charming, Kind, and has a child like innocence that the bible speaks about..

What fun we had.. Laughing like the old days… I said ‘D, Suppose we…’  and before I could finish, he said ‘I know Joe.’ ‘What if we got up on stage and brawled, it would be funny as hell! People would talk and we’d make huge headlines…’ ‘D replied ‘Yea.’  It’s a big moment and who could stop us? Hahahahahahah! That’s the stupid stuff we would talk about when we were kids..

Like being on one of those great morning shows like ‘Good Morning America’ etc etc…  And Start picking your nose in the middle of the interview.. Like who could stop You when its live on TV?Anyway we laughed and laughed and laughed all night… It was classic!! God is sooooo good.. He gave us a perfect night… Justine sitting with Zuri (D’s wife talking the night away) Jay’s Wife Terri and Justine talking about so much stuff… And how wonderful was it to see Jay’s Mom so happy, vibrant and incredlibly blessed!

God is so good ladies and gentlemen! Jay’s Brother Marvin Chilln so hard.. His hat matched his suit to a tee! The hollis crew was in effect all night! Davy D, Hurricane.. Whoa! this was an amazing night. Russell was there (what a kind dude, so giving). He was smiling all night and just as courteous and happy as he could be! He got to sit next to his hero Bobby Womack.. They talked and laughed all night! And you know Russell can talk!!! Bill Adler, my first Publicist was there with a vintage Run Dmc hat! They don’t make em like that no more! Eric Blam working and Chilling like usual.. He’s the genius that got all those Run DMC shirts out all around the world! Tracey Miller was there and so supportive like always.. Mike Lehman my manager was on hand he helped make things so easy for me.

Mr. Lyor Cohen was a magnificent leader as always… Making me feel so at ease… He was our road manager when he started! Now he’s at the very top of Warner Music Group! Whoa! Good dude and a nice guy! I got lucky and copped a ride home with Jesse itzler (Marquis jet) co founder! Him and his beautiful wife are sooo charming and giving! Thanx for the ride Jess! :-).  All in all a great night! And Thanx to all the fans support and well wishers me and DMC and Jay’s family had a ball!

-Rev Run