The Daily Grind Video

In the up and coming years, I would hope to improve the quality of music that’s being played on air.  I see myself touring more internationally, collaborating with more artists and creating  a bigger fan base as a singer/songwriter. I would really like to work with Brandy. This will be a great opportunity for me to expand and grow musically. I loved her song ‘Full Moon’.  Her vocals are the best in the industry. 

I also would like to work with anyone that God puts in my path. 

I hope to see my cartoon “Freaknik the Musical” grow and become successful.  Freaknik the Musical is an upcoming 60-minute cartoon that I produced.  I would also like to work with other cartoons and create my character on their show.  For instance, I would love to be featured on family guy, on adult swim.


I currently own 32 cars and that number seems to increase every month, so I know that in the future my plans will be to create my own model or design.  It would be something that no one has ever seen before. I’ve always liked hooking up cars and it became one of my  hobbies. 

I own a Car Shop in Atlanta, Georgia, named Auto Extreme.   In the up coming years, I would like to shoot a reality show showing the process of hooking up a car.  I am sure there will be more projects that I work on in the future that will allow me further my success.