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They say less is more. I say, it depends in what context you’re speaking. Sometimes I wonder if there are enough Latinos in the Hip Hop genre. But then again, its not the quantity but the quality. Latinos have contributed so many things to the Hip Hop community.

This blog may be slightly biased being that I was slightly raised by Latinos while I was growing up. I lived on 183rd street in Jamaica Queens. There were Columbians, Dominicans and Puerto Ricans who pretty much owned that section of Jamaica at the time. Everything was in Span-glish catering to all the diverse ethnic groups. We had the deli and the bodega, the church and the Iglesia, the banks and the prestamista (loan shark). All though at times it seemed as Latinos had their own thing going on in the neighborhood, everyone seemed to embrace their lifestyle and culture.

Not only have they taken music to the next level with reggaeton but they’ve also added flair to fashion, sports, broadcasting (radio and tv), music and video production, film, comedy, poetry, and even graffiti. And lets not forget about the food. Who’s not a fan of chicken rice and beans for $5?? They pile on the food like there’s no tomorrow. And for you ladies, dont forget about the hair salons that kept your hair straight. I see you creeping on Saturday mornings.

All of these contributions have helped Latinos edge their name in stone in Hip Hop culture. In respect to that, I’ve decided to make a list of the top 50 Latin people who have influenced me in Hip Hop. Please note, I said Hip Hop culture, not just credited Latinos. I know there are much more Latinos who’ve done great things, but I’m only talking about those who are synonymous with Hip Hop culture. My list is in no specific order and if i forgot anyone prominent, feel free to add your 2 cents. But again, this is my list. Nobody’s list is the same.

Willie Esco, Kurios Jorge, Prince PowerRule, Jennifer Lopez, Fat Joe, Big Pun, Cipha Sounds, Angie Martinez, Kid Capri, Bobbito, The Beatnuts (Juju & Psycho Les), Cuban Linx, N.O.R.E, Alain Ket Mariduena, Tats Cru, Chino XL, Pitbull, Play N Skillz, Cypress Hills (Sen Dog, B-Real, E Bobo), Mellow Man Ace, Kid Frost, Prince Markie Dee, DJ Disco Wiz, Mimi Valdes, Jasmin Franjul, Daddy Yankee, Latin Rascals (Albert Cabrera & Tony Moran), Roxy, Juelz Santana, Hurricane Gloria, Jesse Terrero, John Leguizamo, Lemon (poet), Tru Life, Crazy legs (Rock Steady Crew), Tony Touch, Ken Swift, Domingo, Marc Anthony, Masters At Work (Little Louie Vega & Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzales), Lisa Lisa, Sal Abbatiello, Mr. Cartoon, Paul Rodriguez

Honorable Mentions: El Malecon, Pio Pio, 1018, Soundfactory, Hearthrobs, L’Amour East, Paleds, Jimmy Cafe, Copa, Floridita, Cafe Con Leche, El Rey de la Caridad, Mamajuana Cafe.

Cojelo suave!

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