So, yesterday @unclerush aka “The Godfather of Hip-Hop” aka Russell Simmons went on what some would call a “twitter rant.”  For hours, my man, was tweeting and tweeting away, constantly asking his followers to re-tweet his rant.  And his rant was simple:

RT @UncleRUSH: IF you care about the poor, the elderly, the sick, the uninsured …RT this: HEALTH CARE NOW!!!!!!!!!!

And as read more and more of his tweets, I kept asking myself – where are we, the young people, in this discussion?  Why is a 50-something year old, hip-hop mogul so passionate about this, and we seem to not really give a flying duck?  And what keeps going through my mind, is that if we allow for the politicians (Democrats AND Republicans) to continue to call each other names and liars – and allow for the fringe groups to march on Washington and compare our President to Adolf Hitler – a man that killed 13 million people, including six million Jews – if we keep allowing this to happen, and don’t jump on stage like Kanye and STOP THE SHOW!  And grab the mic from the hands of those that want to make our future a political battle –  if we don’t STOP THE SHOW!!  (Just put down the Henny bottle first & don’t disrespect the 17 year old) – then put the lights on make an announcement that HEALTHCARE FOR ALL should have won and that the Glenn Beck rally was really whack… then (before you get kicked out the show) look at each other in the eyes, and ask each other one simple question.

Are we going to take control of our own future?

For those that know me, you already know that I’m about constructive dialog and win-win outcomes.   I believe strongly that every one in this country deserves access to healthcare.  I know there are different ways to get there, and I am open to all of them, as long as we all come into this discussion with compassion, love and empathy for all people, including the sick and the poor.   I have healthcare – and I have good healthcare – so this isn’t about me.  This is about us.  A generation.  A powerful generation that I believe in more than anything. Cause’ if we don’t stand up now, we can forget about cleaning our environment, fixing our broken education system, bringing equal rights to all people and so many other changes that we, as a generation, believe in and dream about.

So, I ask you to not only support our President, but challenge our President – call your Senators and tell them what YOU want – not what a bunch of politicians THINK you want – show up at the town hall meetings and ask the older people to stop with all their games – this isn’t about posters, or slogans, or rich, tv personalities/comedians – this is about us…our health…our  future…our world.  BE LIKE KANYE AND STOP THE SHOW!

-Michael Skolnik Political Editor

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