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So we saw the Academy Awards last night and for 83 years it’s been the same old show, everybody gets dressed up in their Sunday best, walk the red carpet, sit in the audience and wait for their name to be called. And there’s a little musical performance spliced in. But as we watched last night, we couldn’t help but think, what if Kanye West—instead of that awful music—just walked on stage and told the guy who won for sound editing to get off the stage, your time is up. How much better would that be?

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The awards last night needed that Hip-Pop element. For instance, what if Kim Kardashian tweeted the entire night? That would have certainly made things better. The Academy definitely tried to get a younger audience by having Anne Hathaway and James Franco taking over the hosting duties, but sorry to say, they made the wrong choice. It’s time that we Hip-Pop remix the Oscars. Take  a look at how we would do things.

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Kim Kardashian Tweeting…

If Kim gave a minute-by-minute account of what was happening backstage and added in some twit-pics, the Academy would have definitely scored some points with the younger generation.


Let The Smith Family Host In 2012

If the Academy really wants to get young and hip, let the Smith family host next year’s award. It would be the highest rated Academy Award broadcast in history and appeal to all age demographics.


Banksy Bomb…

Let Banksy create the stage and set design. Right before the show started, they should have let Banksy tag up the backdrop. At least we would have known he was there.


Let Weezy In…

We know all the Academy folks give out the most extravagant gift bags, but what if they gave out some Lil Wayne mixtapes and Beats by Dre Headphones?


Put Gaga Somewhere…

Gaga needs to be at every awards show. If you want people to watch, put Gaga somewhere. Instead of people like Randy Newman and Celine Deion, let Lady Gaga hit the stage.

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Put her somewhere, even have her in the front row if necessary. It isn’t an award show without Gaga.


Hype Williams Directs…

After the epic Kanye West Feat. Rihanna “All of the Lights” video, Williams would be perfect. The lighting would be great and it would have everything the Oscars need.


There’s An App For That…

Instead of an envelope they should use a iPhone, it makes sense because the iPhone has an app for everything, why not use one to find out who the winner is?


Ice Out The Oscar…

Instead of the same old statue, put a chain on it and when people win the presenter can hang it on the winner. Forget Jesus pieces, it’s the iced out Oscar piece.


Kanye Cuts Your Speech…

Instead of that old play-them-off-stage music, just have Kanye West come on stage and say “Ok, your time is up.” People will surely make more interesting speeches in fear of being Kanye’d.

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