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Drake is on top of the world right now, platinum album, genius label and four Grammy Nominations. Drake’s going to continue to skyrocket, but haters are on the prowl. Almost immediately after Drake’s 4 Grammy Nods were announced, rumors of Drake getting into a fight with Lil Wayne over Young Money artist Shanell hit the internet. 

Drake decided to sit down with GlobalGrind to discuss the problems with bullshit gossip sites, set the record straight about his alleged fight with Lil Wayne and his Grammy Nominations. 

How do you deal with all of the bullshit from gossip sites?

‘I’m a very open, honest person. I think people that listen to my music know that about me and if there’s ever something to address I always deal with it head on whether it be through my music or talking to the person and I think that’s been pretty  evident. I’ve been very candid about certain situations that are real.

It’s always better to not say anything. When you look at something like ‘oh yeah me and Wayne got into a fight or yeah ok I was smashing Wayne’s girl.’ It’s evidently a ploy from whomever or whatever to try to stir up something when they have nothing real.’






‘I’ll be honest with you, some of these gossip sites, it’s scary how accurate they actually might be or are. Sometimes they really have real things to report – first. But then there’s other times it’s just a slow day. I usually pop up on the slow days, to be honest with you, cause they say some shit and I have to say where did you even get that from.

It’s always been a challenge for an artist, it used to be Wendy Williams digging into you on the radio or Star and Buck. That’s what the artist had to deal with years ago. That was their issue. Now as an artist, you have these media outlets that I won’t even name because I don’t even wanna give them shine – as if you never heard of them – you’ve got these outlets that truly pride themselves on trying to tear down artists and they sort of sprinkle some positivity in there so they don’t look completely and utterly disgusting but it’s like, yeah man, they spend their lives trying to tear down new artists and it kills me. One thing that kills me about my generation is how everyone is afraid to express themselves because of certain people.

It’s become a very impersonal world because we all talk to each other without looking each other in the face or actually speaking on the phone so it’s become very cruel. It’s so easy to be cruel when you don’t have say it to someone.’



How doe sit feel to get 4 Grammy Nods?

‘It’s always, to get any type of Grammy accolade or anything, it’s cliche but it’s a dream come true in the literal sense, that thing you have between sleeping and waking up. That time spent I used to think about being on the stage and being able to thank the people that have done so much for me in my life. And I remember the first time I went to the Grammy Awards and I looked at the set up of it at The Kodak Theater and it was like man, this is very similar to the dream I’ve been having since the Degrassi days. I’ve been having this dream, I never knew where it was and it never really specified what the award was, but I knew it was a

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