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Kat Stacks has become an internet phenomenon creating big buzz with her celebrity sexual exploits. Stacks video blasts and blog, where she goes into detail about the whose bed shes spent time in, have had people in a frenzy wondering WHO IS KAT STACKS? Global Grind has reached out to Kat Stacks because we are dying to know more about this Little is known about the groupie maven, we have yet to hear back but in the mean time here is a look at her website bio.This will give you a slight glimpse of who Kat Stacks is.


Who is Kat Stacks ?
Kat” was a code name given by my Baby’s father at age 15
after I ran away from my home in Miami, FL & went to live in Brooklyn, New York.
I was originally born in
Caracas, Venezuela given the birth name “Andrea” , I attended Alternative school during my child hood & was always a problem child. I have been in a mental hospital for trying to commit suicide, I have been in jail, I was always a hustlers girlfriend, I have been mentally & physically abused by those who I thought I could love & trust, but after all I’ve been through I am still standing here with my head up stronger than ever.

Part of my life stories I have 3 old scarrs on my wrists from YEARS AGO of failed attempt to commit suicide.

1st Scarr: The first time I cut my wrist was when my Baby’s father gave me the worst beating of my life. My babys father had an alcohol problem & use to come home every night drunk and bash my face in, so I met another man (Omar) who always picked up Prince broken pieces. After staying out one night I decided to come back home, I remember entering the room sat next to him on the bed, Next thing I know he striked me on the face with multiple blows, I curled up in a ball screaming “Daddy NO!” he grabbed a fist full of my hair& put my face in the air and started punching me & then threw on me on the ground. I crawled in the closet & he picked up one of my stripper heels & started banging me on my body with it. When he stopped I ran on top of the bed & he came back with a empty liquor bottle telling me to take off my brand new acrylic nails that he bought, so I did as I was told which hurted & I almost took off my own nail. Then he hit me on the head with the bottle told me if I dont cut my self he was gonna kill me. So I cut my wrists & he made me sit in the corner with my arms out making jokes laughing with his friend Primetime.