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A lot of us, including me, often look at beauty from an external point of view only.  It’s very easy to look at someone and just admire their looks. But it’s when you get to know someone and see who they are, inside, that you begin to realize that real beauty radiates from the inside out. 

Someone I know who has this true inner beauty is my dear friend, Jessica White.  I have known Jessica for quite some time, and have always admired her for her charitable work with her Angel Wings Foundation. Jessica’s organization works with women and girls who have been the victims of sexual abuse. She is using her celebrity to bring attention to a serious problem that exists in our country and around the world.  Jessica is sharing her own personal struggles of sexual abuse to reach young girls who have been victims as well. As a positive, black woman, I applaud her for her work and will continue to support her in any way that I can. Women like Jessica will be leaders in our communities and will nurture our young to proper health.

I hear she is getting a lot of attention these days because of her appearance on ‘The T.O. Show’ so in celebration, check out some of these pics and videos of J’s external beauty…and on Monday look out for her blog that will show you just how much she shines!