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You can be a success or a failure but how do we measure ones wealth? Sometimes we are all blinded by our own quest for money, that we tend to miss the treasures that are right in front of us.

So where’s this all coming from? Every household has a family member on the verge or is past destruction. Usually that person shows no regard for anyone else or himself. It can be so frustrating sometimes, but its part of life. In this particular case, the family member plummeting is my older brother.

Before I continue I must let you know that my brother is my hero! I always looked up to him. He was the first with everything new on the block when were younger (shout to 183rd Street Hollis, Queens). I remember his whole outfit he’d wear daily. Shelltoe Adidas, Le Tigres and Lee jeans. I used to wait till he left the house to wear his clothes. I remember getting caught once but he laughed it off. I think he was happy he was influencing me.

Anyway, as we got older he wanted to go to college to be a chef..and he did. To make a long story short, his 1st girlfriend in college left him, he dropped out school, had 2 kids, our moms was murdered, his babies mother died outta nowhere, he had 2 more kids, lost all faith, started doing drugs and now he’s in and out of jail.

Now that’s a whole lot of pain to go through in lifetime. At first, I will admit I was disappointed but then I realized, this guy is still my hero!!
I’m sure my brother didn’t want to go through any of these tragedies but only God knows why he did.

Regardless, I know that I’m no one to judge him and call him a failure. I know through it all, we are brothers and I love him. My money can’t save him but maybe my prayers and hope can comfort him. When we last spoke his words to me were ‘I’m proud of you!’. That meant more to me than any amount of money in the world!

So remember, Instead of trying to define success in your bank account try to acknowledge the treasures in front of you. 


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