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So, I’m in my office, minding my business and in comes my boss Russell. He’s wearing American Classics pique shirt which retails for $14 at Wal-Mart. I must admit, the shirt was fly! I had on my Billionaire Boys Club Stripped Helmet Polo which retails for $130. Now before I continue, the RUSH offices are family oriented. There’s so much love in this office its ridiculous! Now back to my story. Would you believe in the midst of the conversation Russ called me a “Bum A** Nizzle”. My funniest humble response him was “Now this is what I’m trying to explain!”. I know that response sounds silly but we laughed so hard you would’ve thought Dave Chapelle told his best joke. Now although my shirt was more expensive, the $14 American Classic shirt was the better looking one! I could’ve brought 10 of the American Classics shirts, and I would’ve, had I known. 

The point I’m trying to make is that humility breeds success. Its obvious I knew he was joking when he made the comment, which actually made several colleagues laugh and feel rejuvenated at end of day. Life teaches us things in funny ways. I realized that its so important to keep your head down and do the work at all times. Its better to see the beautiful things in life than focusing on the negative things. But this can only happen if your willing to be ego free and willing to learn. I’m happy that Russell has taught me to breathe, smile and show love always. In the words of Russell “Be still. See God everywhere.”

Rasheed Young

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