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When a child is born, the parents are their first teachers as well as their pre-kindergarten teachers.  We shape the attitude and make up of how the world will affect our children. Now a days you can add D.J Lance Rock, Wubzy, Kai-Lan Shane and David to that list. Nick Jr. is really putting a spin on children shows and what your child is actually obtaining. I work in Harlem at a charter school with 2-5 year olds and it really does affect how the child learns and reacts to many wonders the world has to offer. The main four shows I hear about everyday are YO GABBA GABBA! , Wow Wow Wubzy, Ni Hao Kai-Lan and The Upside Down Show. Each one has a subliminal learning experience that would shock you.




It usually goes like this: my students start singing a really unusual song, I ask ‘what are you singing?’ they glare at me for not knowing, and then in unison scream ‘YO GABBA GABBA!’ This show literally has changed the way children interact. The characters also known as the ‘friendly monsters’ who all have a side effect about them (Toodee the cat-dragon is independent yet selfish). The power of their songs is quiet but strong. By singing songs like the one I mentioned before, they can help a child who has a selective appetite become comfortable with trying new food in new places like school. But the whole time you think your child is crazy because their running around rubbing their bellys and shaking their hips (which is the dance to the song).

YO GABBA GABBA is getting alot of attention from adults too. Having celebrity guests that Plex the magic robot beams in like Erykah Badu, Mos Def and The Killers to name a few. Each celeb guest comes out during dancey dance time and teaches your child a new ‘move’ which really gets them upexcerising and has you grooving the whole time.


Wow Wow Wubzy which is my personal favorite teaches kids about respect and compassion. From the color scheme of the cartoon to the soft aura that the main character Wubzy has, this show will have you and your child feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.  The show has their characters get into some pretty funny situations but with friendship, teamwork and of course a great tune to sing to they fix whatever mistake they had made. The creator Bob Boyle has even said that ‘comedy is the curriculm’ because laughter makes it easier for the child to obtain the real lesson of each story. Lets not forget the celebrity guest like Beyonce. Bey did a four part series for the show playing Shine the lead singer of The Wubb Girls(ironic?) who helps Wubzy and friends learn the importance of music. Take a look at

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