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Is it too little too late for Tiger? Personally I probably would have apologized earlier, but I guess it’s better late than never. I haven’t spoke on this issue until this point despite the many requests from several media outlets. I wanted to wait until he came out about it before I spoke up. I respect him as a man, but I don’t condone his acts. He did what I believe every man who is capable MAY have done.

What Now?

Tiger has to break down what he’s built and lay a new foundation, rebuilding from the ground up. The best sex is in monogamy in my opinion. Tiger has to realize and know his worth, not only as an Athlete, but as a man. I don’t think his Wife will ever fully forgive him, but she’ll be able to live with it because I’m sure she feels it’s the “nature of the beast”. Tiger your account is in the red with the Wifey and it’ll take about 7,000 acts of love before it’s back in the black. Personally, I support Tiger because I’m living proof that a man can change his behavior and become a better man. Sometimes we have to “go-thru to get-to.” Now if Tiger does this again, which there is a possibility of it maybe 10 years from now, at that point I’ll have no sympathy for the brother. But for now, I’m supporting his comeback and maturation as a REAL MAN!


Moral of the story:

Men, cheating isn’t worth it. Give all of that love to your Wife. Indulge in it, and let it overflow. What does it profit you to get lots of random sex but lose your respect and dignity? Tiger if you hang with other dogs, you’re gonna get fleas! Cheating is played out, HIV ain’t playing and women are getting fed up! Let’s MAN UP!

Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

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