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Athletes are trained to control their emotions and not let their anger get the better of them but at times athletes just snap or at least do things that make headlines and end up defining their career.

Legendary boxing great Jack Johnson most likely started it all, not only was he the first heavyweight boxing champ of the world but he flossed all of society’s flaws in their face.  He was flashy, talked made sh*t, had numerous white women and even did his share of pimpin. The dude was nuts, he was Muhammad Ali before Ali, in fact in an interview Ali said saw Johnson’s story and said “except for the white women, that’s my story.” Jack Johnson was great and crazy at the same time.

Check out some of the most awesomely insane athletes throughout history.


Kermit Washington was a forward in the NBA for the Los Angeles Lakers and On December 9, 1977, during a game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Houston Rockets, a scuffle broke out between several players at midcourt.  Among the scuffling Washington was engaged in a brawl when he saw Rudy Tomjanovich a forward from the Rockets running toward the altercation; Washington swung around and hit Tomjanovich with a roundhouse. The punch, which took Tomjanovich by surprise, fractured his face about one-third of an inch (8 mm) away from his skull and left Tomjanovich unconscious in a pool of blood in the middle of the arena. Crazy, that single moment left Washington as the NBA’s number one bad guy. He has since moved beyond the most infamous punch in NBA history but nevertheless the damage was done, another insane moment in NBA history.

Elvis Bowling was a Uruguayan Basketball who snapped and decked a referee during a game. This was one of the most viewed video’s on youtube, it showed up on all the sports showed. Bowling has since been banned for life from the Uruguayan League.

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