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Everyone know that your hair can make or break your look. Whether your hair is long or short, straight or curly, natural or relaxed, hair can be your best feature. We have seen some celebrities do some amazing things with their mane, and set of trends that everyone copies. Lets take a look at some of the best looks that set major hair trends.


Lord knows when Rihanna did it, everyone followed. The princess of pop turned ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ chopped off her long locks and went with an edgy bob for her third album debut. But we can’t give the Bajan beauty all the credit. Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes did the ‘do some justice, with their personalization to it.



There is a difference between your regular curls and the curls these celebs are rocking. Taylor Swift‘s sunny blond ringlets have become her signiture hair style. Alicia Keys knows how to rock tamed and beautifully defined curls on the red carpet. And Teyana Taylor‘s  natural curly fro has become a staple in her effortlessly cool style.



It seems like everyone has gotten into the trend of shaving half of their hair. Cassie debuted her rocker style in 2009, and had everyone catchcing on the trend. MTV’s Lala Vasquez and the Spice Girls’ Mel B. have turn to the trend for a more edgy look.



While the girls in the last trend report were innovative, these girls were the originators. The fully shaved head is a trend that few can pull off successfully. Amber Rose rose to fame not only for her attachment to Kanye, but her head-turning style. Solange, known to many as just Beyonce’s little sister, broke free of that label, creating a style and fashion all her own. Chrisette Michele‘s hair has transformed from the beggining of career to now. In effect to promote natural hair, the R&B Starlet went for a ceaser cut.

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