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Team Japan is set to place against Denmark at 8:30 pm South Africa Time (3:30 in the US, for those of us that have time to tune in), and in light of Japan’s time in the spotlight, we’ve decided to highlight two of the country’s greatest contributions to the rest of the world: their women and their technology.

Japan is one of the leading producers of both cool, new gadgets and serious technological innovations, but it is also home to some of the world’s most beautiful women, including Reon Kadena and Kurara Chibana

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Yuri Ebihara (aka Ebi-Chan) Japanese model and actress.


The Japanese space agency, JAXA, is currently working on a $2.2 billion dollar project to have an unmanned base on the moon by 2020. The lunar base will be built, as well as, operated by robots who can not only undergo more than one task at a time, but also repair themselves.

The first JAXA robots are to be placed on the moon by 2015 to begin building. They will be controlled from the Earth, but will also have their own robot intelligence. These robots will be equipped with high definition cameras, solar panels, and a bunch of scientific instruments. They will also have arms to collect moon rock samples, and will run on treads, in a manner similar to tanks. 


Reon Kadena – Japanese model and actress.


Led Osaka University professor Minoru Asada, a team of researchers and colleagues at the University of Tokyo are building child-like robots in order to study human cognition. Both robots have synthetic skin, ear microphones and eye cameras.

Noby, which is modeled after a 9-month-old baby, weighs around 17 pounds and has 600 sensors. It can exhibit a wide range of behaviors, including an interest in toys that are shown to it.

M3-Kindy is modeled after a 5-year-old, and weighs around 60 pounds. It has 42 motors and more than 100 tactile sensors, and can crawl, walk while holding someone’s hand, recognize speech, and mimic facial expressions. 

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