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MySpace Music profile for Dem Uptown Boiz. Download Dem Uptown Boiz Hip Hop / Rap / R&B music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read Dem Uptown Boiz’s blog.Born and raised in the small city of Dayton OH, Cutty Baby has really made a name for himself. Starting to be the center of attention at a young age Cutty was destined for greatness and fame. He has a very interesting past and a very promising future. Being raised by his mom and older sister Cutty has found a true talent in knowing what women want. Even though he never really had a positive male role model in his life, he was able to teach hisself the things he needed to know to be a man. Coming up as a young man, Cutty was really determined to make it to the NBA but being encouraged by beautiful young women to proceed in making music hepled him change his decision. He started rapping at the age of 14 with his past fellow band member ACE. The two was a very lyrical duo and would stop at nothing to be heard by the people all over the world. A few years after, a more mature Cutty was unleashed and started learning the business a lil bit better. Being encouraged by young superstars such as Soulja Boy, Pretty Ricky and Chris Brown, Cutty Baby was eager to reach that level. He came up with a very good idea by Making a rap group by the name of "Dem Uptown Boiz". He proposed the idea to his producer ACE and he was down for it. Cutty also proposed the idea to his brother Get it maine and stuff flew from there. After going to the studio day after day, they finally released theirs songs to myspace. Just after a couple of weeks, the total plays rapidly increased to the hundreds of thousands. Due to a couple of beefs between the group, they took a small break from rapping. After a few months the group decided to get back together. Lacking a talented singer, the group has still been working on great projects and will take the year 2009 to another level.