The Daily Grind Video

<p>Julie: &hellip;so once we&rsquo;ve pulled up the required vehicles we can actually see all our investor vehicles and we would put those as a priority and obviously make sure that they&rsquo;d get the booking over and above other vehicles.</p><p>Julie: Yes sure, we would send a text and an email to say here&rsquo;s the booking, here are the dates and just wait for you obviously to come back and confirm that the vehicle is free and available. Once that&rsquo;s all been organised we will send you a booking reservation confirmation (and) send a confirmation out to the hirer, about four weeks before (pick-up)to confirm the vehicle, the collection details, who they contact, where they go and pick the vehicle up, that kind of thing.</p><p>Julie: What happens is once the vehicle&rsquo;s gone out on hire you&rsquo;ll receive your payment on the Friday after it&rsquo;s gone out. So if it&rsquo;s gone out on the Wednesday you&rsquo;ll get the payment directly into the bank on the following Friday.</p><p>Julie: Obviously you can do your own private rent. We positively encourage you to build the business, you know, to create a little business and create more hires for yourself and we can deal with the motorhome hire insurance if you want us to.</p><p>Sam: Well Andrew , what&rsquo;s great &hellip; what I&rsquo;ve learned today and I never thought I&rsquo;d say this, but I could actually afford my own brand new motor home.</p>