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Chris Brown was in great company this weekend, back in the spotlight w/ the A-List celebs such as Jimmy Iovine, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Chris Brown even got a hug from Tom Cruise himself. Could this hug serve as the co-sign Chris Brown needs to get back to the top. I surely hope so. The hip hop world has seemed to have turn their back on the Mechanical Dummy since the incident, leaving the singer asking for his fans to request his songs on the radio. 

Hip hop hasn’t invited Chris Brown to any award shows, left him out of the Michael Jackson tribute, when he was the only one who could have honored Michael in a way that was fit for the King Of Pop. With all of that said, I have to say, Chris Brown should convert to Scientology. 

After seeing Chris and Tom embrace in a bro hug, I can so see Chris Brown standing on Oprah’s couch dancing for joy as a tribute to his return back to the top of the world. Look at the careers of Will Smith, Kirstie Alley and Tom Cruise. Scientology breeds winners and damn it, Chris Brown is a winner. Think about it.