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<p>Dan Woolley was all over the news last week as the tech geek who survived the Haiti earthquake with the help of a first-aid iPhone app, his digital SLR and, of course, a lot of luck.</p><p>The religious man credits his survival to God and all those praying for him, but in an interview with he reveals that he was even more technologically resourceful than initial reports suggested.</p><p>After the quake struck, burying the Hotel Montana in rubble, Woolley, a web programmer, came up with some clever techy ideas. In addition to consulting the iPhone app First Aid &amp; CPR for advice on treating cuts, Woolley used his digital SLR&rsquo;s focusing light to help illuminate his surroundings. He snapped photos of the wreckage in search for refuge, and his viewfinder revealed a crumbled elevator shaft, where he prayed, rested and bandaged his wounds. Then, Woolley set his alarm to go off every 20 minutes to stay awake, in fear that falling asleep would make him go into shock. A French rescue team dug him out of the shaft 65 hours later.</p><p>That was the gist of the story broadcast news outlets reported last week on Woolley, but there&rsquo;s more.</p><p>While waiting for rescue, Woolley also recorded voice memos for his family with his iPhone. And when he was feeling discouraged, he used the iPod app to listen to music.</p>