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I’m Darryl Dunning II, I’m a native of Columbus, OH … Home of the Buckeyes. I currently reside in Los Angeles, CA where I work as an actor, model and writer. In high school like many of us I was intrigued yet confused by the opposite sex so it was then that I decided to set out in search of understanding about these amazing creatures I would someday marry and share a life with, along the way I gathered a better understanding of myself as well. My journey has been very interesting, I chose real-life interactions over statistical analysis so my knowledge doesn’t allow me to prescribe medicine after our chat but I’m sure you’ll leave with more understanding than you came with and it’ll cost you nothing.

I look forward to being your tour guide on your quest to find, understand, and grow within relationships … I’m the ‘real’ Hitch 🙂 

So What does it mean to be ‘In A Relationship’ on Facebook? 


In a society driven by technology its no surprise the huge emphasis put on social networks, its as complex as corporate marketing or as innocent as keeping in touch with friends from childhood but I’m not sure anyone knew the huge affect it would have on our relationships. Its seems these days if you can’t open the web browser on your 4G PDA to confirm an answer to your inquiry then it loses its validity, relationships are quite the same. If someone’s facebook profile doesn’t read ‘In A Relationship’ then it seems their relationship isn’t taken seriously, in today’s society we need more than sightings of them holding hands or nights out on the town … The public needs confirmation, relationship statuses are like watered down version of a marriage licenses.

As a culture we tend to follow the masses no matter how personal the matter is and relationships are the perfect example, I reside in a city where ‘image is everything’ so perception becomes reality which means the only time you are truly ‘you’ is when no one is looking and I think the world has adopted this lifestyle … No matter what the truths are within a relationship the masses have decided to let their peers judge their happiness. We have traded intimate dinners for two for drinks on the town with camera phone photo shoots that scream ‘look at my relationship … don’t we look happy’.


‘In A Relationship’ only means that if your feelings match, you can have 5,000 friends ‘like’ your new status update or photo with your mate but it doesn’t mean you’re happy … I think we as individuals have to decide who we’re dating, is it the person sitting across from us or the person refreshing their facebook news feed ???

So next time you see someone ‘In A Relationship’ ask yourself why …Until Next Week … Live. Laugh. Love. Life

-Darryl Dunnings|Follow Me@DarrylDunningII

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