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<p>Today show contributor and NFL star Tiki Barber, 35, is pushing Jesse James and Tiger Woods out of the spotlight for a minute, in light of his announcement that he&rsquo;s splitting from wife Ginny, who&rsquo;s expecting twins next month, after the New York Post trumpeted that he&rsquo;s left her for a &ldquo;hot&rdquo; 23-year-old NBC intern.</p><p>New York&rsquo;s Daily News reports today that Barber&rsquo;s girlfriend, Traci Johnson, convinced her family she was just babysitting for the ex-Giants star as their romance heated up and his marriage fell apart.</p><p>&rdquo;That&rsquo;s what [her dad] Ernest told me,&rdquo;&nbsp; Johnson family neighbor Bob Drabik says, according to the paper. Drabik said he believed Barber wrote a letter that helped&nbsp; Johnson, a communications major, land an internship with NBC in 2007. A year later, Barber visited her Mount Saint Mary College campus in Newburgh, Orange County, to address students.</p><p>&ldquo;After 11 years of marriage, Ginny and I have decided to separate,&rdquo; Barber said in a statement yesterday. &ldquo;This decision was a painful one, but we are moving forward amicably and will continue to work together to raise our children with the love and dedication they have always known.&rdquo;</p>