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Leaving a relationship is not always easy. I believe most women have found themselves at one time or another wishing they weren’t in the situation they were in and wondering why they’re not getting out as fast as they can! I have learned that it all has to do with self esteem and how much you value YOURSELF, and not how much you value your partner or the relationship.


Obviously, in my last relationship I dealt with things that were not productive to the relationship; mainly cheating. Some would say that I stayed as long as I did because of money and they have a right to their opinion. The reality is I was in love! At first, I was in love with this person, but as the years went on, I was in love with the ‘idea’ of having a great relationship. I was also hopeful that I could change my partner. Although he was a good provider and a positive father figure to my daughter, it did not change the trouble in our relationship.


After several years, (yes it took that long LOL) I realized I could not change anything about the person I was with, or our relationship. It took me a long time to realize that the only thing I could change or control was MYSELF. I couldn’t depend on someone else to bring me happiness. I couldn’t depend on material things to bring me happiness. I can only depend on myself and more importantly, God. [pagebreak]

I prayed for months that God would give me the strength to walk away, and that he would guide me into the right direction.  For me, the day finally came! I worked up the courage to leave my situation and start over.

[pagebreak] I don’t regret my experience because had I not endured those troubled times, I would not be as strong as I am today. During the painful process, I also focused on starting my own business. Today I co-own Dulce, a high end shoe boutique on Miracle Mile in Coral Gables, Florida. I am happy and excited to say that we just celebrated Dulce’s one year anniversary! We had many people come out to celebrate with us and I am extremely grateful for the support Dulce has received. Thanks everyone! Check out the pics!

– Evelyn

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