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Terrence J is the charismatic host of the insanely popular video countdown show 106 & Park on BET, but this DJ and television host is also a newly accomplished actor. Terrence recently landed a role on the renewed television program ‘The Game‘ alongside Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall

‘The Game’ has already flourished on its new network BET, but Terrence isn’t stopping there. The ambitious renaissance man is getting ready to lend his talent, personality and good looks to many other upcoming projects. Terrence sat down with GlobalGrind to talk about his love of acting, his book and his friend Brandy

How has your experience been on “The Game” so far?

It’s been an amazing couple of weeks as we’re preparing for launching the show. It was a lot of fun filming it, it was a dream come true to be able to work with some of the people I worked with on that show. The ratings speak volumes and it broke so many records with 7.7 million viewers last night. So right now, we’re planning the toast party, we’re just super duper excited and really optimistic about this entire season. 

How did you end up on the show?

I auditioned. It’s crazy because I’ve wanted to do acting since I first started with 106 and I’ve auditioned for so many different roles and you get turned down a million times, but it only takes that one role to really break things out for you and I’m super humbled by the fact that I got this job. I auditioned for it three or four times and they called me in to read and they really liked me and I just worked hard and I was able to get it. 

What is it about this show in particular that made you want to be so much a part of it?

I just think it’s different from anything else that’s on TV. I think that the stories are really real. I think that  there’s nothing else out that’s like it. I think that the characters are really relateable and there’s really not a lot of African American sitcoms that speak to the younger generation. I think that the show is really dynamic in that aspect. I’m just really happy that the people stood up and supported it and that the numbers showed in volumes that it could stay on the air and we can have even more seasons to come. 

‘The Game’ airs at 10PM on BET.

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Tell me about your character on the show

I play Dante Young, I’m the love interest for one of the lead characters Tasha Mack. Dante is a 24 year old promoter, he’s real smooth with the ladies and he has a thing for older women. Dante is a very mature guy, so the reason why he likes older women is because they offer that maturity back to him. He doesn’t really do well dating younger girls because they’re not on his level. He’s a really smart character, he’s really grounded. You’re gonna see over the arch of the story line, Tasha Mack is crazy, she’s a loose cannon and Dante kinda brings her in some. So Tasha Mack is off the hook and Dante is kinda steady and you’re gonna see that play out throughout the season coming up.

You DJ-ed back in high school and college, how did you get into it? Was it something you always wanted to do?

Yeah, I was always like a class clown, always that loud mouth kid in class, I think that I was really young, maybe 10 years old, 11 years old, one of my teachers was like you should be on TV, you should be doing movies or on

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