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Isn’t blogging about what’s on your mind?? Blogs can be a bunch of babble…or it can be an outlet for freedom of speech, depending on whose reading. You’d have to really pay attention and try to read between the lines.

Which brings me to the well respected Kanye West. You gotta love him!!! The words may not come out as clear as we want them, but they do come out. We have to remember this…its unrehearsed and censored by the media. This is the same man that said ‘ George Bush doesn’t care about black people’. Kanye could have had 1 million hits but nothing beats that line!

Applaud any man who has the courage to speak his mind while he’s on top of his game and feel pitty for the ones who didn’t take advantage of being on top to uplift their people (not including Michael Jackson).

While Kanye did have an outstanding performance with his brethren Jay Z, T.I, Weezy and Lil Wayne on the 51st Grammy Awards, he seemed to slip in another one liner stating ‘We’d (blacks) never win this award’ while on stage with Estelle, referring to the category Best New Artist.

While Kanye might be correct, since he has the 411 on the music business, he may also be incorrect as we now have a black president. They said ‘we’d never win presidency’ as well but Mr Barack Hussein Obama II proved them wrong.

While I do respect Mr. West and his craft, I will agree to what Mr. Kevin Liles has been preaching about being Presidential. While we do wish to express ourselves, we should practice etiqutte aka swagga.

Let’s define:

Etiquitte is a code that influences expectations for social behavior according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class or group.

In other words…there’s a time and a place for your true voice to be heard. To my people who aren’t as talented and famous as Kanye, instead of blurting out your opinions in a nervous fashion, use your God given talent to create a forum for your voice to be heard clearly.

Kanye rhymed ‘But if I talk about God my record won’t get played huh? Well let this take away from my spins, which will probably take awayd from my ends, then I hope this takes away from my sins, and bring the day that I’m dreaming about, next time I’m in the club everybody screaming out…..’

I think I just found the longest way of thanking Kanye West for continuing the dream as best he knows how.
But please loose the moniker Martin Louis ‘The King’ Jr (yes Kanye said ‘Louis’ as in Louis vuitton).

As always…keep Grinding!!

-Rasheed A Young