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This blog might f*ck up your high (pun intended). I must reiterate, this is my opinion, not fact (although I will drop some facts). Here we go….. Cannabis aka marijuana stinks (literally) when you smoke it!! It just does!! Anybody that says it doesn’t needs to answer these 2

1. How come its not bottled and sold as a fragrence?

2. Why do people who smoke marijuana carry a lot of air freshner, burn
incense and scented candles?

For the record….I smoked weed once or twice and I got paranoid each
time. It wasn’t my cup of tea. And, two of my closest friends hold the hip hop title of smoking. So, with that said, I’m entitled to blog on ‘ganja’.

Now, for those of you that smoke the ‘sticky’ for medicinal purposes (glaucoma, neurogenic pain), this blog is obviously not for you. This is for all those that ruin cigars, have all sorts of gadgets to smoke, have dirty fingernails, smelly clothes, bad memory, bad breath and carry around Visine like its lotion. If you fall in any of those categorys, its possible you stink!!

Heres some fact: most common short term effects include increased heart rate, lowered blood pressure, impairment of motor skills, eyes reddened and mouth dryness, not to mention paranoia or hallucinations. What’s so fun about that??

But lets get back to the scent…tell the truth, it stinks. I know some of you have friends that take smoke breaks and they try to come back with peppermints, bathed in cologne and squinted eyes. Guess what?? We can still smell it. You’re fooling know one. And if you don’t care about hiding the habit just note that its an unpleasant smell to the rest of us.

Now what you do on your own time is your business, Im just letting you know that like cigarettes, the smell sticks to your clothes, hair, skin and breath. Try and think about that next time before approaching anyone for a job!

Feel free and comment. Defend if you must. Its your opinion, not law.

Keep Grinding!

Rasheed A. Young