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All My ladies I’m back at you. As promised I’ma hold you down and give you the real on your relationship questions from twitter. Hope you like! And remember, these answers may not always be the easiest to take, but it’s my view on ‘A Man’s Thoughts.’

Q: So you are gonna answer any question about relationships right? Well my question is why is it that a man will cheat on his girl when she is everything. She is classy, smart, beautiful, a great cook good to your kids, and most importantly she can handle it in the bedroom. So if she is doing all that she is suppose to do. Then why? Why cheat why tell her you love her and then be with the next one also

A: All men don’t cheat, that’s a myth. The percentage of men who don’t cheat is low, but still. If you feel like you’re being cheated on maybe you’re looking in the wrong place. I mean if you’re trying to find someone in the club, then you’re starting off wrong. Try getting to know the person first before you get involved, before you get serious. Also sometimes it’s a genetic thing. Men are conquerors and hunters by nature, it’s just who we are.  It takes a long time for a guy to become a total man.  Until he can look the other way when he’s tempted, then he’s probably not the one.  It takes a strong guy to make the right choices.


He has to be really ready to be faithful and he needs to realize and value that he has more at home. More than likely there’s a need for the man to mature and in most cases that doesn’t happen until he’s about 30.  A younger man is not the one for you.  Make sure he’s ready to settle down.  You will also learn a lot about a man by his friends.  If his friends are single then there’s a problem. 

Q: How do u fix things if both people r stubborn n not willing 2 bend on their viewpoint?

A: Those 2 people don’t need to be together.  Someone has to be willing to take the higher road in order to salvage the relationship.  Someone has to bow down.  Especially if it’s a silly situation. You need to consider if these fights are really worth it.  I mean how serious is it really that someone leaves the toilet seat up or down.  Do we really need to continue to fight about that?

Q: What are the top 3 ways a woman can keep her man 4rm leavin?

A: Be willing to please your man in a lot of ways.  Not just on an intimate level but in small ways.   Keep doing the same things you did to get him. Take care of yourself. Quality guys love that.  You know pedicures, manicures and such are nice, keep yourself together. Some people want to have all these names for a man who keeps himself up such as metro sexual or whatever.  Call it what you want, but it’s necessary to take care of yourself.  Most guys don’t shave, I do.  Don’t deviate from what you did to get a man. I don’t really like feet but at least keep them together. Even if your man leaves you, you will be someone else’s prize.

Q: How do you stay faithful to ur wife, being away for extended amounts of time and around beautiful women!?   

A: Throughout my career it hasn’t always been this way.  And that’s why I really love my wife because she stuck by me during our hard times. Now I think about the choices I make: if I do this, will I lose the people I love? That helps me to just walk a

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