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<div class="the_post"><p><a rel="nofollow" href=""><img style="width: 250px; height: 250px; margin-right: 10px;" src="; alt="Bose&reg; CineMate&reg; Digital Home Theater Speaker System" /></a></p><p><a title="Bose" href="">Bose</a&gt; CineMate package includes 2 Compact Articulated Array Speakers, Acoustimass Module, Universal Remote Control, Interface Module, Power Cord (8 Ft.), Stereo Cable (6 Ft.), Speaker Cable (15 Ft.), Setup Disc, AA Batteries, Large Rubber Feet, Small Rubber Feet, 120V Power Cord. You&rsquo;ve made the investment in a great TV and other video components, like your DVD player or VCR. Now Bose makes it simple to add the impact of home theater sound using your existing equipment. Because your TV alone no matter how wide, thin or sleek it is cannot provide the thrilling audio performance you crave. Introducing the new Bose CineMate home theater speaker system, an easy and entertaining way to complete the picture. There&rsquo;s no bulky equipment to set up. Just two small speakers and an Acoustimass module work with the video components you already own. The result is thrilling and dramatic sound approaching that of many five-speaker systems. But you&rsquo;re only using three. There&rsquo;s also no complicated wiring or confusing installation. Just a few connections bring your movies and music to life. A universal remote controls your system and most devices attached to your TV. And incredible Bose sound! Bose TruSpace technology delivers wide surr</p><p><a title="Bose&reg; CineMate&reg; Digital Home Theater Speaker System" rel="nofollow" href="">View Bose&reg; CineMate&reg; Digital Home Theater Speaker System Details</a></p></div>