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Astonishing!!! There is a probability that one out of four female college students will be raped before receiving a diploma. According to a study done by the Justice Department, estimated that 25 percent of college women will be victims of rape or attempted rape before they graduate within a four-year college period, and that women between the ages of 16 to 24 will experience rape at a rate that’s four times higher than the assault rate of all women.

Megan Wright was a 19-year-old freshman at Dominican College in 2006 when she was allegedly gang raped on her college campus, and later committed suicide.

In the case of Megan Wright, a 19-year-old from New Jersey. Wright was wrapping up her freshman year in May 2006 at Dominican College, a small Catholic school in Orangeburg, N.Y., about an hour away from New York City, when she was allegedly gang raped on its campus. She committed suicide before the year ended.

Her mother, Cindy McGrath, is suing Dominican, claiming that the college failed to conduct a proper investigation into her daughter’s assault, and thereby violated Title IX of the Civil Rights Act, which guarantees equal access to education.


The Center for Public Integrity conducted a 12-month probe into sexual assault on college campuses that was completed earlier this year.

According to court documents, McGrath said her daughter made all the right decisions a rape victim should make in her situation. She told someone, had a rape kit performed and reported the crime to college authorities, but to no avail, McGrath said.

The first person Wright told was school friend Kelly Rocco.

The night after the alleged attack occurred, ‘She said that there was blood in her underwear,’ Rocco told ‘Nightline.’ ‘We got up and went to the hospital by my house. She had a rape kit [performed] and her face was just in so much pain as they were doing everything.’


Surveillance video in the hallway of the residence hall where Wright claimed the attack happened later showed a disoriented, seemingly impaired Wright being led in and out of a room by sever