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<p>&nbsp;</p><p>By Malice Intended</p><p>Gangsta Rap was one of the many bi-products of the Crack era and the culture of selfishness and conspicuous consumption that resulted from it.&nbsp; The music played as a soundtrack to the mayhem that unfolded in urban areas around the country during the 1980&rsquo;s and 90&rsquo;s.</p><p>Rap music had always playfully flirted with gangster style imagery, but Gangsta Rap was a different beast entirely.&nbsp; Profane, excessively violent and misogynistic, it played a similar role to that of the Black Exploitation films and raunchy underground comedy albums of the 1970&rsquo;s.&nbsp; Though it produced a few hit albums and notable stars in the 1980&rsquo;s, it remained something of a low key phenomenon until the early to mid 90&rsquo;s when it was discovered by the mainstream.&nbsp; It would soon supplant Rock music as America&rsquo;s official outlaw music of choice.</p><p>Though Gangsta Rap in its purist sense is no longer the most prevalent or profitable form of Rap music, its influence is still evident.&nbsp; The synthesizer heavy grooves popularized by Andre Young and his brethren are still present in much of what is heard on Urban Radio today.&nbsp; So, in honor Of Al Capone&rsquo;s birthday, Planet Ill Presents the Greatest Gangsta Rap Albums ever.</p>