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<p>Kanye and Amber in Paris for Men&rsquo;s Fashion Week&hellip;.and while, yes I can imagine they&rsquo;ll be hearing from PETA like Kelis did&hellip;and I understand the concern for animal cruelty&hellip;I love a good&nbsp; fur too&hellip;.although I don&rsquo;t have the height to pull off a full length insulator like these two. But, I do really love how Ka-mber are a walking, talking version of an Edward Gorey illustration (one of my favorite graphic artists of all time). Even if they were probably going for more of a Walt-Clyde-Frazier-pimp-aesthetic ; ) It works but will never compare with this epic moment in fashion.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>(Edward Gorey loved to put his characters and himself in huge beaver coats.)</p><p>Unrelated: speaking of men&rsquo;s fashion week, this is fantastic duffel spotted at the Milan shows (via JakandJil/GQ)</p>